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Human Coalition Action Participates in Bill Signing Ceremony for Texas Heartbeat Bill

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
Contact: Heather Cirmo
[email protected]

May 19, 2021, AUSTIN — Today, Human Coalition Action participated in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s bill signing ceremony for SB 8, a bill that protects preborn children from abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Human Coalition Action Texas Legislative Director Chelsey Youman attended the event and issued the following statement:

“What an honor to witness Governor Abbott sign this historic heartbeat bill. The Legislature and Governor prioritized this historic legislation, and with his signature, approximately 50,000 precious human lives will be saved in Texas next year alone!”

“A preborn  baby’s heartbeat — clear evidence of life — can be detected as early as six weeks. Yet, to protect a so-called right to abortion, some Texas Democrats attempted to demean the audio of a preborn baby’s heartbeat, describing it as an ‘electronically induced flickering’. That claim would be laughable if vulnerable human lives weren’t at stake. Medical developments make it increasingly difficult to deny the brutal reality that abortion always extinguishes an innocent human life.  The Governor’s signature boldly defends the defenseless today.

“Unlike other heartbeat bills, Texas’ version is enforced exclusively through civil causes of action rather than through government enforcement. It is therefore very difficult to challenge in federal court. I’m confident we will see other states following Texas’ lead by enacting similar bills and allowing beating hearts to beat.”

About Human Coalition Action

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation. Human Coalition Action is the public policy advocacy 501(c)(4) arm of Human Coalition, advocating for preborn children by assisting legislators with pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts.


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