You Can Rescue The Next Child From Abortion Today

Instead of celebrating Mother’s Day this year, millions of moms will have empty arms. The abortion industry lied to them…telling them abortion was their only option.

The reality is 76% of moms seeking an abortion say they’d prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. And that’s why your support today is so crucial.

Abortion is only banned in 14 states right now. Children are still in danger of being aborted in at least 72% of the country.

Planned Parenthood is now pushing the abortion pill – which now makes up 54% of abortions. Its use will soon increase more when Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid begin to provide it.

And children remain in immediate danger because the abortion pill is still being illegally trafficked by mail and across state lines, nationwide. This is happening even in states that have outright banned abortion.

But by giving today, you can fight back against Planned Parenthood. You can protect the next mom from a tragic choice… You can rescue the next child from abortion. And you can empower the next mom to say “YES” to parenting her child today.

When you give today, you will move the fight for life forward in the following critical ways:

    • You will advance legislation that protects moms and children from the abortion pill… holding abortionists responsible for trafficking the drug.
  • You will support advocating against the FDA’s lax regulation of the abortion pill … reducing access to the pill and rescuing innocent lives.
  • You will fight back against Planned Parenthood and their recent wins (increasing abortions, increased donations, expanding to open a new clinic)
  • You will enact laws that give moms tangible help … empowering them to say “YES” to parenting their children

You have the power today to protect and rescue the next child in danger of being aborted.

So, will you give right now to rescue the next mom and child — before it’s too late for them?