Protect More Children from Abortion — Before It's Too Late!

In state capitals around the country, policymakers made their stand against the abortion industry and passed bold legislation to protect preborn children.

But the pro-life movement can’t back down now… not with the lives of millions of children at stake.

The abortion industry already has their sights set on the mid-term elections next November, determined to elect pro-abortion candidates and overturn all the progress made from the last year.

That’s why Human Coalition Action has set the goal to raise $15,000 by December 31 — to step strongly into the year ahead in the fight for life and advance pro-life policy at every level of government.

Will you bravely take a stand against the abortion industry and defend preborn children and their families by giving TODAY — before it’s too late?

By giving today, YOU push back against the powerful abortion lobby at a crucial moment in the fight for life. YOU are a voice for preborn children and their families as the next election season ramps up. YOU ensure more children get to celebrate the holidays with their families in the future… for generations to come.

Will you give a special gift RIGHT NOW to protect as many children and families as possible from the devastation of abortion in the contentious year ahead?