In a Post-Roe America, Children’s Lives Will Still Need Your Protection

In state capitals around the country, policymakers made their stand against the abortion industry and passed bold legislation to protect preborn children.

But the pro-life movement can’t back down now… not with the lives of millions of children at stake.

The abortion industry already has their sights set on the mid-term elections next November, determined to elect pro-abortion candidates and overturn all the progress made from the last year.

Will you bravely take a stand against the abortion industry and defend preborn children and their families by giving TODAY — before it’s too late?

By giving today, YOU push back against the powerful abortion lobby at a crucial moment in the fight for life. YOU are a voice for preborn children and their families as the next election season ramps up.

Also, please know that if Roe v. Wade is repealed, abortion will not become illegal in America. Instead, the federal mandate will end, and each state will decide for itself whether or not to allow abortions to continue. Twenty-four states will likely keep the procedure legal.

While laws in half of the United States will thankfully change, the circumstances of moms facing unexpected pregnancies will not change after Roe. These mothers will still need prolife champions like you fighting to protect them from the abortion industry in states where abortion is still legal. And they’ll need advocates like you advancing pro-life legislation that equips them with the help and hope they really need.

The official ruling on Roe v. Wade may be only days or weeks away, and moms will still need your lifesaving support. They’ll still need you to protect them and their children from the abortion industry.

Will you give to advance lifesaving legislation that will protect these vulnerable moms and families? Will you give them the help and hope they need TODAY — before it’s too late?