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December 6, 2023, WASHINGTON, DC — On Tuesday, Chelsey Youman, National Legislative Advisor with Human Coalition Action, issued the following statement after Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) announced he would end his monthslong hold on hundreds of military nominations due to the Pentagon’s abortion travel funding policy.

“I am grateful to Sen. Tuberville for his courageous monthslong stand in defense of the sanctity of life. This administration’s policy of funding abortion travel for servicewomen is sick, and runs utterly contrary to the military’s mission of protecting American lives.

“Human Coalition serves vulnerable women from many zip codes and demographics, including the military. One thing almost more than three-quarters of them have in common: they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. Once we help them resolve their economic and social problems, we help them reach a place of stability where they can be the mothers they were meant to be.

“The Biden administration must end this death-dealing policy of funding abortion travel and instead fund care and support for pregnant servicewomen. The administration must stop cutting off funding to pregnancy centers that serve the most vulnerable women.”

The Pentagon in March 2023 announced a new policy allowing servicewomen to be reimbursed for abortion-related travel costs, and offering up to 21 days paid leave for abortions. Beginning that month, Sen. Tuberville announced his hold on military nominees until the policy was rescinded.

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Human Coalition Action is a public policy advocacy organization, advocating for preborn children by assisting governing officials in advancing pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts.


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