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Human Coalition Action Applauds Introduction of the Every Mother Matters Act in Texas

By February 25, 2021 3 Comments

The bill offers holistic care to expectant mothers across the state

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DALLAS, February 25, 2021 – Today, Human Coalition Action applauds the introduction of the bi-partisan Every Mother Matters Act (“EMMA”) by Texas State Senator Angela Paxton and Representative Jeff Leach, with Senate joint-authors Bettencourt, Campbell, Hall, Hughes and Lucio. The legislation creates a tangible system of support for women considering abortion and was created with the input of Human Coalition Action. EMMA ensures that an at-risk pregnant woman has a meaningful opportunity to learn about and access a variety of assistance when she needs it most. Prior to obtaining an abortion, a licensed, third-party professional would inform the woman of public and private services available to her and offer to connect her directly with them.    

“Most abortions are driven by lack of support and insufficient resources,” said Human Coalition Action National Legislative Advisor and Texas State Director Chelsey Youman. “Seventy-five percent of women seeking an abortion state they would choose to parent if their circumstances were different. EMMA empowers women by informing them of real options and better more comprehensive care. Women in need would have immediate support, long-term solutions and healthy pregnancy benefits through trained, licensed professionals who seek to aid them with whatever assistance they require.”

EMMA provides a host of benefits to the health of women and their children, including prenatal and postpartum care and human trafficking or other abuse assistance. Mothers who are traditionally in higher-risk categories for pregnancies and maternal mortality will receive important prenatal and postpartum care they otherwise would not have, resulting in healthier pregnancies and birth outcomes. This bill works to support these mothers and stabilize their families.

“Women and their children are always more than statistics; they are real, living human beings with histories, families, challenges, dreams and goals,” said Youman. “To empower them, we need to ensure they have the opportunity to engage with meaningful aid for their future. That’s what EMMA is all about.”

Arkansas is the first state to sign into law its version of EMMA. Human Coalition Action worked alongside Representative Jim Dotson to sponsor the bill and see it through passage. Other states are poised to introduce similar legislation in the near future.

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