Wednesday, September 1st, 2021
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September 1, 2021, AUSTIN — Human Coalition Action today celebrates the enactment of SB 8, commonly referred to as the Texas Heartbeat Act. Effective today, SB 8 prohibits abortion after a preborn baby’s heartbeat is detected, typically between five and eight weeks of pregnancy. In 2019, 83.7% of all abortions among Texas residents occurred at eight weeks or less post-fertilization. The Texas Heartbeat Act is the first heartbeat bill to successfully go into effect in the country.

“Undoubtedly, today is a historic and hopeful day,” said Human Coalition Action Texas Legislative Director Chelsey Youman, who testified before both the Texas State House and Senate on behalf of the Heartbeat Act and worked for its passage. “Texas is the first state to successfully protect the most vulnerable among us, preborn children, by outlawing abortion once their heartbeats are detected. A fetal heartbeat is a clear and scientifically acknowledged sign of human life. Human beings are worthy of protection at all phases of development and the importance of a growing human in the womb cannot be undermined in good conscience. We are confident in SB 8’s constitutionality. Legal challenges to SB 8 are groundless and will ultimately fail.

“While today we are hopeful for the thousands of babies whose lives will be saved, we are also hopeful for their mothers. Texas has spent decades creating a vast support system for pregnant women for this very day. Organizations like mine will not rest because we are actively helping women facing unexpected pregnancies. Regardless of whether abortions are available or not, pregnant women in Texas will face the same challenges in their lives they face now. These women will still need health care; they will need emotional support, resources, and assistance to create safe and stable environments for themselves and their families.

“There are over 2,700 non-profits, like Human Coalition, committed to walking alongside pregnant women to provide permanent solutions such as the resources and assistance they need to lead healthy, stable lives with their children. Texas is already prepared to become an abortion-free state with unprecedented services like the Alternatives to Abortion (“A2A”) and Healthy Texas Women programs. A2A began in 2006 and provides support services to pregnant women and adoptive parents so that abortion is not the only option. To assist pregnant women in need, the Texas legislature expanded this program to $100,000,000 last session. Most recently, the legislature significantly expanded Medicaid coverage for pregnant and postpartum mothers. We must serve and love women by sharing the truth about abortion and empowering alternatives. We must also challenge men to respect women and be responsible for their actions.”

About Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation. Human Coalition Action is the public policy advocacy arm of Human Coalition, advocating for preborn children by assisting governing officials in advancing pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts.


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