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September 18, WASHINGTON, DC — On Monday, Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director of Human Coalition Action, responded to President Trump’s comments on abortion, which he made in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press that aired on Sunday:

“President Trump’s comments on abortion were, unfortunately, confusing and undermined the strong pro-life policies that his administration once championed. At this critical moment, we desperately need bold leaders who will speak clearly and winsomely on this issue, not those who speak vaguely about compromises on the amount of mass death we find legally acceptable. Strong policies like Florida’s ‘heartbeat’ bill saved thousands of lives – they are anything but ‘terrible’ laws.

“The fact is that the child in the womb is a person, and there is virtually absolute scientific consensus about this. A guarantee of legal protections for children in the womb from the moment of conception is the only morally consistent position. Once pro-lifers begin debating gestational limits on abortion, they will lose this crucial fight.

“His promises of a compromise with Democrats may be well-intentioned, as there are millions of pro-life Democratic voters. Sadly, the Democrats in Congress fail to represent these people – almost every single Democrat in the House and Senate voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act which would legalize abortion throughout pregnancy for almost any reason and allow it to be funded with taxpayer dollars. This is absolutely a radical position, contrary to what President Trump said.”

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Human Coalition Action is a public policy advocacy organization, advocating for preborn children by assisting governing officials in advancing pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts


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