Points to pro-life victories in Ohio and Texas as models for future elections

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November 9, 2022, AUSTIN, Texas — Human Coalition Action on Wednesday issued the following statements on the results of Tuesday’s elections on the federal and state level.

“We have always been in this fight for the long haul,” said Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director of Human Coalition Action. “Pro-life activists worked for 50 years to undo Roe at the Supreme Court; national change doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve got to win the culture, and we won’t stop seeking to change hearts and minds. And we are continuing to do what we’ve been doing for years – rescuing children in the womb and vulnerable women from the evil of abortion.”

“The abortion industry made a historic investment in this election cycle, yet that wasn’t enough to capture Congress or a majority of gubernatorial races,” said Chelsey Youman, Texas State Director and National Legislative Advisor with Human Coalition Action. “We are thrilled to be working with a pro-life majority of state legislatures next year, including in Louisiana and Florida.”

“We see firsthand the harm abortion wreaks upon women and children, and that will always spur us to work for a culture that values humans—where abortion is unthinkable and unnecessary.” “I want to recognize candidates like Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, and Brian Kemp, courageously committed to protecting innocent children in the womb instead of running from it. This fearless strategy must be the blueprint for future pro-life campaigns.

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Human Coalition Action is a public policy advocacy organization, advocating for preborn children by assisting governing officials in advancing pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts


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