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Human Coalition Action Commends Texas State Senate for Prioritizing Life

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March 30, 2021, AUSTIN — Today, the Texas State Senate demonstrated its commitment to protecting human life by voting in favor of  several life-affirming bills, including a heartbeat bill, a non-discrimination bill and the Every Mother Matters Act (EMMA). Human Coalition Action testified in support of all three bills and has been particularly active in ensuring the passage of EMMA, a bill created with the input of the organization to ensure that at-risk pregnant women have a meaningful opportunity to learn about and access resources and assistance when she needs them most.

“This is a historic day in the Senate,” said Human Coalition Action Texas State Director Chelsey Youman. “Texas is leading the charge in being a voice for the voiceless and protecting life. The Senate voted off the floor today a heartbeat bill that says that a life is protected in the womb as soon as it has a heartbeat. They voted out a non-discrimination bill that prohibits abortion due to race or fetal abnormalities. And, finally, they voted out Human Coalition Action’s champion bill of session: the Every Mother Matters Act, which serves vulnerable women in our communities who need help and assistance and ultimately protects life. And now, all attention will be on the House where Human Coalition Action will continue to advocate for saving babies and helping women.”

Introduced by Sen. Angela Paxton (R-McKinney) and Rep. Jeff Leach (R-Plan), EMMA has bipartisan support and provides a host of benefits to the health of women and their children, including prenatal and postpartum care and human trafficking or other abuse assistance. Mothers who are traditionally in higher-risk categories for pregnancies and maternal mortality will receive important prenatal and postpartum care they otherwise would not have, resulting in healthier pregnancies and birth outcomes. This bill works to support these mothers and stabilize their families.

Arkansas was the first state to sign into law its version of EMMA. Human Coalition Action worked alongside Representative Jim Dotson to sponsor the bill and see it through passage. Other states are poised to introduce similar legislation in the near future.

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