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Unifying the Pro-Life Movement 

The pro-life movement is up against a large, influential, and manipulative abortion industry.  

Leading the abortion industry’s efforts is Planned Parenthood, who by themselves vastly outspends the entire pro-life movement combined – boasting a budget of over $1.6 billion, which includes hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars.  

And they represent only one of the many well-funded and widely supported abortion organizations in America. 

In addition to their funding and influence in government, their marketing strategy has worked for decades to sway the American public into not only supporting access to abortion but celebrating abortion as a “fundamental human right.” 

In fact, according to one poll, nearly 80% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in at least some circumstances. Their marketing has even influenced the church, with one Pew Research Center poll revealing that 43% of Americans identifying as Protestant and 56% of Americans identifying as Catholic believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. 

Left unchallenged, the abortion industry will continue to push for expanded abortion access up to the very moment of birth. They will continue misleading vulnerable women and telling them they don’t have what it takes to be a mom. And they will continue spreading the culture of death in America.  

That’s why the pro-life movement must work in a united front to change the culture of death into a culture that values all human life – from womb to tomb. 

Why is unifying the pro-life movement so important?

As mentioned above, Planned Parenthood alone has a massive budget that surpasses the entire pro-life movement combined – and they only account for 33% of all abortions in the U.S. annually and are one of the many abortion advocacy organizations in the country. 

Moreover, in the last 50 years since Roe v. Wade was decided, the abortion industry’s combined efforts have infiltrated each of the cultural mountains of influence: the Family, the Church, Government, Media, Education, Business, and Arts and Entertainment. Whether you look at their influence on the church (as shown in the statistics above), their influence on government policy, or the countless examples in the entertainment industry where “a woman’s right to choose” is applauded, their unified work has transformed our culture. 

However, even with their influence and funding, there is evidence that support for their extreme views on killing life in the womb is fracturing. 

In state capitals across the country, pro-life policy is advancing to grant more protections to preborn children. And the grassroots movement for life is building momentum even in some of the deadliest cities for abortion.  

As the pro-life movement grows, the abortion industry is becoming more and more desperate and dangerous.  

For example, following the passage of legislation in Texas to protect preborn children with a detectable heartbeat, abortionists began dismissing a heartbeat as nothing more than “fluttering,” “flickering,” and “electrical activity.” And for weeks after this bill was enacted, abortion advocates flooded newspapers with op-eds – each one with more ridiculous arguments than the last. 

The abortion industry has also taken to fear-mongering and name-calling, referring to pro-life policymakers as “extremists” with a “cruel agenda” and “dystopian vision” of the world.   

Additionally, in August of 2021, NARAL Pro-Choice America – one of the most extreme abortion advocates in the country – made an unprecedented move to restructure the entire organization with the goal of reaching a broader base of Americans with their messaging. Why? Because they are convinced that they are losing. 

Clearly, the abortion industry is on their heels. That’s why now is the time for the pro-life movement to unite. 

The pro-life movement is filled with so many incredible organizations doing life-affirming work in their community. Uniting these efforts and working together to advance pro-life policy and serve vulnerable moms and families will make even more progress in changing our culture and defeating the abortion industry – once and for all. 


What is Human Coalition Action doing to serve the pro-life movement?

Human Coalition Action works to build strategic partnerships and mobilize local grassroots to unite the pro-life movement and advance pro-life policy at every level of government. 

This effort starts with building relationships with pro-life policymakers. Human Coalition Action works in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals around the country to connect with elected officials and work together to create strategies to advance pro-life legislation. These relationships have given Human Coalition Action a seat at the table in the most important pro-life debates our country is facing and has led to the development of critical life-affirming legislation – including the Every Mother Matters Act and the Texas Heartbeat Act 

Human Coalition Action also believes that protecting preborn children can transcend party politics and traditional “conservative” and “liberal” labels. That’s why we maintain relationships with organizations spanning from Democrats for Life of America, to the historically conservative Heritage Foundation to find common ground and work together to advance pro-life policies. 

One example of a unified pro-life movement at work is our work with Students for Life of America. Students for Life engages middle school, high school, and college-aged Americans to get them involved in the pro-life movement.  

In June of 2021, Human Coalition Action joined with Students for Life to file an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of Mississippi’s historic challenge to Roe v. Wade. During the summer of 2020, Human Coalition Action also worked with Students for Life activists in chalking events to protest Planned Parenthood’s targeting of Black preborn children.  

Human Coalition Action will continue to prioritize strategic partnerships to grow the momentum for life and advance pro-life policy.  


What can pro-life champions do to help unify the pro-life movement?

Are YOU ready to take a stand against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry and help unify the pro-life movement?  

Here are some key action steps you can take to get involved: 

  1. Fight for life in your community: Find pro-life organizations to volunteer with in your community. This could include pregnancy resource centers or pro-life grassroots organizations that serve moms and families, organize prayer events, or engage with local elected officials on pro-life issues. 
  2. Support pro-life candidates: Being pro-life at the polls is a critical way to support the pro-life movement and ensure leaders at all levels of government are committed to protecting preborn children. 
  3. Give generously to pro-life organizations: As was mentioned at the beginning, the pro-life movement is vastly outspent by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. By giving generously to pro-life organizations, you grow the momentum and enable the pro-life movement to continue pushing back against the abortion industry’s messaging. 

Together, we can protect future generations of children.  

Together, we can stop the abortion industry. 

Together, we can advance legislation that serves women and families in their time of crisis.  

Together, we can change the culture of death into a culture that values life. 

Together, we can make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary 

Learn more about how YOU can join the fight for life and be a voice for preborn children in your community:https://hucoaction.org/mobilization/


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