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DALLAS, TX – Chelsey Youman, Esq., serves the pro-life coalition, as well as women and their preborn children, by advocating for pro-life policies and jurisprudence; mobilizing and unifying local grassroots to strengthen the pro-life movement and its footprint; and engaging with the public to ultimately strengthen our community’s desire to enable women and protect preborn children.

Chelsey’s professional experience includes working as senior counsel and chief of staff for First Liberty Institute, concentrating on religious liberty matters and First Amendment rights. At First Liberty Institute, she litigated on behalf of and advised hundreds of clients regarding conscience rights nationwide. Chelsey has also worked in private practice, where she successfully litigated corporate fraud matters, complex commercial litigation, and consumer rights issues in both federal and state jurisdictions.

Chelsey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Texas A&M, and a J.D. from Southern Methodist University.

Chelsey is happily married with two children. Her family is active in their church, serving in the premarital and pro-life ministries there. They enjoy traveling, adventuring, and eating good food.

About the Human Coalition Action:

Human Coalition Action is the public policy advocacy arm of Human Coalition, the largest pro-life organization in America. Human Coalition operates and partners with 45 women’s care clinics across the U.S., and offers a range of services designed to support pregnant women in crisis. Human Coalition Action advocates through grassroots mobilization and the government to enact pro-life policies.


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