Pro-life Lawyer Refutes Planned Parenthood’s Lies

As you know, the abortion industry is a master of spreading false information. Their lies trick moms into believing that abortion is their only option … resulting in innocent children dying.

But if you want to hear the TRUTH, check out this video where Chelsey Youman (Texas State Director and National Legislative Advisor) refutes the abortion industries lies. You’ll see clips of the abortion industry’s most common lies – then you’ll watch her react to their deception with the TRUTH.

As Mother’s Day approaches, thank you for making sure #EveryMotherMatters. You’re making a lifesaving difference as you protect her and her child from the horror of abortion!

If you’d like to rescue the next child and mom from abortion, there’s still time to ensure #EveryMotherMatters this Mother’s Day! Don’t wait… Act now:


  • Rachel says:

    I am prolife! I have three sons, I had my third son later in life, I was told by a young Dr. I needed to abort the child, I had large fibroid tumors at the time, I was told I would spend the last months in a hospital, I chose to trust God and keep my child. I had a breech with second child, all hard deliveries but worth every moment. The Dr. Told me This would be a hard delivery and a lot of sickness during the nine months. I did not even have morning sickness. I did not spend any time at the hospital , it was the best nine months of joy and happiness. When I did deliver he had the cord wrapped around his neck, so I had c-section. Later a historectomy for tumors. That son is a father of two beautiful children, a college graduate and such a precious son. I do not condem mothers who abort children but I see in their eyes the pain when they talk about it, like Chelsey said their is a better way. Be a pro life for mothers, giving them choices, counceling , education of the suffering a baby goes through, if the far left really cared about mothers they would give them the choice of doing the right thing that always makes us feel good about ourselves.

  • Lynn Cannon says:

    This is all good but the root of the problem of unwanted pregnancies which lead to abortions is violating God’s law of chastity.But I never hear this being brought into the conversation of how to prevent so much abortion. Until this is addressed abortion will continue much as it is now.

  • Mary-Anne Delaney says:

    I appreciate this attorney’s opinions. She said things I strongly agree with. It is wonderful that she works pro-life. God bless her. I look forward to hearing more from her soon. God bless you.

    P.S. please don’t ask me for a donation as I am unable to on my small income.

  • Charles Allaman says:

    Thank you Chelsey for being an expert advocate for our unborn children. It helps us all to hear in such plain language, how to reply to others that are pro-abortion with facts and not just emotion. I pray God continues to Bless you and Human Coalition Action to be the hands and feet of our Lord God Almighty.

  • Bridget says:

    I always ask Abortionphiles, hey, were you ever in your Mother’s womb?

    And your life mattered then but the lives of those there now don’t?

    But I’m a rather sassy proLife Woman.

    Ask questions and don’t ever stop.

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