“The March for Life is important every year,” Watson shared when asked why the march is more important than ever. “We talk a lot about this issue, and I think every day is important because lives are at stake. I don’t think the lives this year are any less important than the lives last year or the year before. We do have an opportunity this year, in a time where it’s going to look different than it has in the past. We still have the time to come together in spirit to advocate for life. And I think that 60 million lives since Roe v. Wade, that urgency doesn’t change. Whether it was 5 years ago or today.”

“I would add that we are in a really unique time from a policy standpoint,” Youman said. “When you’re looking at the world today, I really think that decades of pro-life work have helped to win over hearts and minds. The American public is more pro-life than they have ever been. The younger generation finally gets it, and they are pro-life. The church is involved. Groups like the Human Coalition are involved in serving women and saving lives.

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