A Conversation on Unity with Democrats for Life of America

By November 11, 2021 3 Comments

One of Human Coalition Action’s top priorities is to help unify the pro-life movement through building relationships, developing strategic partnerships, and mobilizing local grassroots to advance pro-life policy across the nation.  

While there are so many policy issues that stand to divide us as a nation, Human Coalition Action believes that protecting preborn children can transcend party politics and the traditional “conservative” and “liberal” labels.  

In this video, I sat down with Monica Sparks, who was elected in August of 2021 to serve as the first African American President of Democrats for Life of America, for a conversation about unity in the pro-life movement. 

Monica and her twin sister were adopted at the age of eight out of the foster care system. While she and her sister are biologically identical, their political beliefs are far from it: Monica is a Democrat, and her sister is a Republican. 

This background has taught her that she can work across the aisle and find common ground to make a difference in her community and country. She operates with the bold mentality that “not every Democrat is my friend and not every Republican is my enemy.”  

The biggest area of agreement she and I share is her passion for protecting the most vulnerable among us, including preborn children. And in her leadership role, she is thrilled to be on the frontlines in the fight for life. 

Watch our conversation above, where she shares her story and why she believes unifying the pro-life movement is important. 

We are so thankful for champions of life like Monica and are proud to have her and Democrats for Life as an ally in the work to defend preborn children at all levels of government. 

Dean Nelson

Executive Director

To learn more about Human Coalition Action’s work to unify the pro-life movement, click here.


  • Marion Neto says:

    Abortion was but in place in evilness against Christianity & is empowered against those less educated, poor & placed in a situation without support around them in protecting this new life created by God. I speak for my self, Irish/Portugese caucasian immigrant Catholic family , at 27 in the late 70’s, I was found not supported, vulnerable & young & out of my parent’s home being on my own for the 1st time pregnant & not married to the Catholic older man I had let myself live with. We married later & 36 years later this evil in our relationship is still a battle against evil. After my abortion I faced it with a vow from my heart to God to never go anywhere near this assault of evil toward humanity. I learned later my Grandmother held in her silence her own story of abortion that further supported abortion is an evil & we need all the prayers & support to do what ever we can to end this evil & any assault against not protecting the gift of life. My grandma found herself a young pregnate widow with a 1yr, my sick dad, & his 2yr old brother, 13mo apart, in 1937 should end this 3rd child’s existance. Her deceased spouse from a tragic accident working unloading ships at Port had 2 sister’s, non supportive, supported & convinced her that she abort & arrange at that time this evil to occur. I have a hard time with this concept having occurred as my grandmother held this in her heart clear into her late 60’s my age now but this experience always haunts the soul even if God has given His forgiveness. I stand that it is more than racism. Racism is just a tool of evil against the creation of life. We must educate, support & stand strong against any attack that does not support the gift of life. God knew each of us before we were every in our mother’s womb & only He is the One to call us home at life’s end. Humanity needs to know & understand this one human element before it can truely care for itself or the world we share. God’s world not ours to manipulate at our whim. Thank you for caring. Those that do are truely blessed by God, through His Holy Spirit & the words given through His Son’s teaching, life, death & Resurrection to the world.

  • I am so happy that we are partnering with Democrats for Life and thrilled for Miss Spark’s leadership.

  • Cleora Arcuo says:

    Good article. I am dealing with some of these issues as well..

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