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Toolkit for Legislators


Full Toolkit

This includes the introduction, profiles, state-by-state analysis, backgrounders, and model legislation for all five bills. Human Coalition Action comprehensively analyzed each state’s political makeup, state and federal court composition, and legal landscape to produce this toolkit.

State-by-State Analysis

We’ve included analysis and recommendations for states based on their predicted response to a state led decision on abortion


Budget Amendment

The Continuum of Care program (“Program”) remedies these issues by creating a telecare system of tangible support for pregnant women in need. The Program offers and provides women with immediate personalized support, long-term solutions, and healthy pregnancy benefits through trained licensed professionals. 

Every Mother Matters Act (EMMA)

The Every Mother Matters Act (“EMMA”) remedies these issues by creating a system of tangible support for pregnant women in need—the Pregnancy Launch Program.

Protection at Conception

The Protection at Conception Act shields human life after fertilization from abortion. The bill is enforced through a private civil cause of action to overcome the significant enforcement barriers pro-life bills typically face.

The Heartbeat Act

The Heartbeat Act protects preborn children after their fetal heartbeats are detected, which occurs between 5 ½ and 8 weeks gestation. The Act is enforceable regardless of a state’s federal or state court makeup.

The Human Child Protection Act

The Human Child Protection Act protects preborn human life from abortion and honors the authority of states to protect all preborn human beings. The Act also holds abortionists, and those who aid and abet them, accountable for dangerously and negligently mailing the illegal chemical abortion pill.